ArmorThane polyurethane and polyurea products are usually everlasting sprayed-on coatings that will protect your surfaces. Together with numerous applications our polyurethane and polyurea coatings are suitable for commercial, home, marine, automotive, military services make use of and more. Available inside high pressure and low strain software, view the attributes of ArmorThane’s polyurethane material in addition to polyurea spray in films below or search instance applications and highlighted items.

POLYUREA of ArmorThane Merchandise
We have equally broad-spectrum coatings and ones with unique problem-solving attributes. Link to item groups for you to learn more or even just call us with your own issues and we’ll help you select the best solution option.

Basic Polyurethane ~ Bed Liner, Vehicle, Marine, Gear
Broad Spectrum Scratching and Chemical Resistant Polyurethane
Adaptable Polyurethane – Simply Milled, Transportation
Fire Proof Polyurethane material – Healthcare, Schools
Polyurethane Expanding Foam ~ Heat retaining material
Roll-on Coatings ~ Flooring, Driveways and Outside patio’s
Great Spectrum Polyurea : Érosion / Chemical Immune, Watertight
High Corrosion in addition to Chemical Resistant Industrial Strength Polyurea – Oil and Fuel
High Friction Use Immune Polyurea – Mining
Aluminum coated, Reflective Polyurea ~ Roof
Extremely Pliable ~ Transport
Extremely Rigid Polyurea : Coating Foam
Water Cured Polyurea – Sanitation, Wetter Environments
Potable Waters Free from danger Polyurea – Storage containers, Pipe joints, Food
Fire Retardant Polyurea – Healthcare, Schools, Sector
Get Resistant Polyurea – Protection, Transportation
Fun time Minimization Coatings – Military, Public Safety
UV Color Coating Security – Lose colour Resistant Surface types
Sprayed Upon Coating Features
Polyurethane and polyurea will be more durable as compared to rubber or perhaps paint.

Flexible in all climate conditions; little softening in heat or maybe becoming brittle inside of freezing
Holds up in temperature from -80°F to 280°F
Stretches 3 times its length without breaking
Watertight barrier to withstand corrode, molding
Quick dry permits simple application
Protects superior don areas
Dent and even nothing resistant
No breaking or perhaps peeling
Chemical resilient
Decreases noise and schwingung
Polyurethane material and Polyurea Merchandise Are Established Safe
Solvent-free so not really explosive as well as an the environmental hazard; not any VOCs or CFCs
Protected options for tolerable drinking water containers
Slip and even slide resistant
ArmorThane Films Provide the Look You Would like
Selection of base colors
Special UV ColorCoat system with regard to a custom-made match for you to any manufacturer’s automobile shade
UV ColorCoat stableness keeps the look even within extented direct sunlight
Visuals and detail applications
Used thickness between only 1/16″ to 4″ depending upon the need
Easy to help clean