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Eddie Patella: What Real Estate Makes Sense for New Investors?

Eddie Patella has been in the real estate business for many years, providing expert suggestions, advice, and tips for new investors. That’s because it’s often challenging for first-time investors to get started in a field that can seem overwhelming or impossible to understand. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can break into this market by choosing investments that make sense for your needs.

Eddie Patella Breaks Down Great First-Time Investments

The real estate market may surge at various times, with specific properties worth more. However, one thing is eternal: rental properties always remain big. This fact is one that Eddie Patella emphasizes over and over again. It is one thing to flip homes and make a big, quick profit. That is a worthwhile investment but is just a one-time profit that must be reinvested later.

Rental properties provide you with a constant source of passive income that can help reinforce later investment opportunities. For example, if you have a mortgage of $1,000 on a home in a prime location, turn it into two rental living areas, and charge $1,000 for each of these areas, you pay your mortgage each month and walk away with a further $1,000 to use for more investments.

You don’t even have to invest in residential properties, either. Eddie Patella knows many people who make the mistake of only buying homes or apartment complexes without looking at offices, industrial facilities, and much more. Businesses need a place to operate, after all. But, unfortunately, most new companies don’t have the capital to buy a facility, so providing a rental option gives you a good possibility for profit.

But where to invest in such properties? That’s always the big challenge for first-time investors. Many know the old cliché “location, location, location” and feel they can’t afford to buy into prime-time properties perfectly positioned for success. Typically, you need to buy properties in areas with high demand, including downtown spots in growing metropolis areas and much more.

Expanding to such areas is possible, but you need to progress in a meaningful way. Here’s a simple tip that Eddie Patella likes to share with investors who come to him: start with residential and move to commercial. Residential homes and rental property almost always cost less to buy and develop and are always in high demand. After all, people need a place to live, so even if your location isn’t prime, you can still make money.

Then, you can use your cycle of passive income to produce a strong investment vehicle for commercial properties. This step includes identifying inexpensive and rundown properties in prime areas, improving them, and putting them on the market for direct sale or renting. Direct sales can help you fund better rental properties and vice versa. This cycle is a powerful way to get ahead in real estate.

Victorian Decorating For Nostalgic Home Decor

In recent years an increasing number of people have become interested in Victorian style and this includes Victorian decorating. It is not too hard to give your home a Victorian look but it is not a cheap way of doing things.

Although people are interested in using Victorian decorating styles in their homes they don?t want to go the whole way ? so other than a few eccentrics or English stately homes don?t expect to see the Victorian kitchen with the kettle hanging over an open fire. Most people who favor Victorian decorating have fitted kitchens, some have them made in natural wood but this is about the only concession. Some aficionados may have a plant on the kitchen window ledge and pans hung from hooks.

Victorian style was quite ornate and because of the hypocritical Victorian morality even the tables had to have their legs covered ? in some homes the chair legs were also hidden by a sort of valance. The Victorians made great use of wallpaper and again this was quite ornate, often sporting a flowery pattern. The mantle over the fireplace was also kept covered during the Victorian era but very few people choose to do this today.

The Victorians liked their furniture to be well stuffed, usually with horsehair. Most of the chairs had upright backs and there has been a rise in the number of people favoring this type of chair. If you are going for a Victorian Decorating style then you would do well to remember that they liked heavy drapes. This was because they were not just seen as window decoration but were used as a way of keeping the draft out (no double-glazing) and the room warm. They were often accompanied by heavy lace curtains underneath. Many Victorian homes had lots of books and ornaments. It was not unusual to see a side table that was completely covered in framed photographs.

You can still get hold of genuine Victorian chairs and tables with their ornately carved legs but as they become more popular so the price gets higher. Another favorite from the past in this style of decorating is the grandfather clock. Modern examples of this are quite good though it is possible to find an original – again at a price. Beds were ornate and made of wood or cast iron with bolsters, a sort of long pillow, and often two pillows as well. The sheets and blankets were covered by an eiderdown quilt for extra warmth ? no duvets for the Victorians. It was usual to have a jug and bowl on the dresser for the morning wash.

Most people who try Victorian decorating don? t go the whole way ? it is just too fussy for modern life. However, the Victorian style wallpapers, curtains and chairs are increasing in popularity.