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Make That Change – Transitioning To A Contemporary Living Room – Part 2

One of the great things about contemporary home d?cor is its versatility. A contemporary styled home can be earthy or sleek and sophisticated. The style of your home will be largely affected by the colors, textures and furniture selected.

When transitioning to a contemporary living room, the second thing you want to attack is your flooring. Traditional styled home d?cor usually features either hardwood floors or neutral colored carpet. Contemporary style d?cor provides a large assortment of modern flooring options.

Create a contemporary living room: Modern Flooring

When selecting d?cor for your contemporary living room, flooring is going to set the tone of your space. Say goodbye to uninteresting neutral colored carpet and venture into other options in modern flooring. Modern flooring consists of several options for your space.

Interior Concrete Floors

One of the hottest trends in modern flooring is interior concrete floors. The concept of interior concrete floors is very versatile. Concrete floors can be painted, stained and more. When many people hear "concrete floor", they immediately picture a drab gray slate of concrete such as a drive way. This is not the same concrete seen in interior concrete floors. Most often concrete floors feature unique artistic designs or are stained or painted a bold color. The possibilities are endless in interior concrete floors.

Bamboo Floors

Often referred to as the perfect "Green" flooring, Bamboo flooring is another popular option in modern flooring. This environment friendly option would be most suitable for earthy or relaxed contemporary living rooms. Bamboo flooring is available in two colors, blonde or amber. For those that desire hardwood floors at a reasonable price, bamboo flooring is definitely the perfect option.

Wood Tile Floors

The perfect compliment to any contemporary living room is wood tile floors. Wood tile floors are a wonderful alternative to our traditional styled hardwood floors. The classic tiled pattern enhanced the natural beauty of the wood. Wood tiles floors create a radiance in any room. If you desire simple, classic and attractive flooring wood tiles are perfect for you.

Vinyl Floors

If "vinyl flooring" takes you back to your most recent hospital stay or your adolescent days of junior high school, boy are you in for a surprise. Vinyl flooring extends beyond the typical "linoleum" flooring we know so well. Vinyl flooring is available in an assortment of designs and colors. If you are looking for flooring that is not as expensive as hardwood floors, vinyl floors may be the option for you.