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Victorian Decorating For Nostalgic Home Decor

In recent years an increasing number of people have become interested in Victorian style and this includes Victorian decorating. It is not too hard to give your home a Victorian look but it is not a cheap way of doing things.

Although people are interested in using Victorian decorating styles in their homes they don?t want to go the whole way ? so other than a few eccentrics or English stately homes don?t expect to see the Victorian kitchen with the kettle hanging over an open fire. Most people who favor Victorian decorating have fitted kitchens, some have them made in natural wood but this is about the only concession. Some aficionados may have a plant on the kitchen window ledge and pans hung from hooks.

Victorian style was quite ornate and because of the hypocritical Victorian morality even the tables had to have their legs covered ? in some homes the chair legs were also hidden by a sort of valance. The Victorians made great use of wallpaper and again this was quite ornate, often sporting a flowery pattern. The mantle over the fireplace was also kept covered during the Victorian era but very few people choose to do this today.

The Victorians liked their furniture to be well stuffed, usually with horsehair. Most of the chairs had upright backs and there has been a rise in the number of people favoring this type of chair. If you are going for a Victorian Decorating style then you would do well to remember that they liked heavy drapes. This was because they were not just seen as window decoration but were used as a way of keeping the draft out (no double-glazing) and the room warm. They were often accompanied by heavy lace curtains underneath. Many Victorian homes had lots of books and ornaments. It was not unusual to see a side table that was completely covered in framed photographs.

You can still get hold of genuine Victorian chairs and tables with their ornately carved legs but as they become more popular so the price gets higher. Another favorite from the past in this style of decorating is the grandfather clock. Modern examples of this are quite good though it is possible to find an original - again at a price. Beds were ornate and made of wood or cast iron with bolsters, a sort of long pillow, and often two pillows as well. The sheets and blankets were covered by an eiderdown quilt for extra warmth ? no duvets for the Victorians. It was usual to have a jug and bowl on the dresser for the morning wash.

Most people who try Victorian decorating don? t go the whole way ? it is just too fussy for modern life. However, the Victorian style wallpapers, curtains and chairs are increasing in popularity.

Control Ambient Illumination With Vertical Blinds

Throughout time, light has been the subject of many positive expressions and references. Song titles like "You Are My Sunshine" and "The Sunny Side of the Street" make us happy with their cheerful lyrics. Ironically, sunlight can have a dual meaning -- it can allow us to see better, but it also has the power to blind. Giving a room natural light can make it attractive and warm looking. At times though, we want that light to be a little more subdued. We also might want to block the light completely at times. Sometimes, having light pour in is more of a curse than a blessing. Vertical blinds can provide an excellent solution to this problem.

There are hundreds of types of vertical blinds, so it is a buyer's market with a cornucopia of choices. The most obvious question is which kind of vertical blind is the best one for you? Aluminum vertical blinds are a good choice if you want something basic and attractive that doesn't cost too much.

Aluminum vertical blinds are simple to install and use. The amount of light you wish to let in can be easily controlled with the adjustable cords. They do a very good job of blocking the sunshine and this saves you money on cooling your home. You can choose from a wide variety of colors or color palettes. You also have the option to choose specialty colors, like wood style blinds and others. Even though they appear rather basic, vertical window blinds have great potential to provide an easy and affordable solution to light control issues.

If you want to keep the natural light in during the day, you may want to look into vertical blinds made of fabric. Made from high quality woven materials, fabric verticals can be esthetically pleasing to the eye and at the same time be quite durable. Beauty is an important feature, but it is essential to mention the lighting features that these blinds can provide. When you push the vertical blinds to one side, you can let almost all of the sunlight come into the room. Then think about how the blinds can be opened across the window, ready to be turned and adjusted. You will be able to rotate your blinds up to 180 degrees. You can shut the fabric vertical blinds in either direction in order to filter the light in different ways. For full control, you can set them anywhere in between.

PVC Vertical blinds, also known as plastic vertical blinds, can also facilitate managing the amount of bright sunlight coming into a room. Blinds don't have to be plain, ugly hunks of plastic anymore. Those days are over! PVC vertical blinds come in several different eye-pleasing styles. PVC vertical blinds are available in a wide range of colors and textures, as well as decorative designs. These blinds will allow you to block as much or as little of the light as you want. When you pick out PVC vertical blinds, choose a denser plastic design; this can give your more protection from the harmful rays from the sun. Blinds made from thicker plastic will hold their shape and color better. Strong sunlight can be damaging to your eyes, and it can be harmful to the products you use to shield you from the sun as well.

Sunlight gives us great pleasure, but sometimes we just don't want it to pour into our homes and buildings. When this happens, vertical blinds are a good problem-solver. This choice is foolproof -- they are easy to install and maintain, and they give you complete control over the amount of light you have coming into a room. It's easy to find a high quality set of vertical blinds. So stop shielding your eyes and go buy a set right away.

The Best Of French And English Antique Furniture In Chicago

Antique stores in OldPlank road Chicago, stock a wide range of European antique furniture which will surprise any antique lover or bargain hunters. Antiques are imported by OldPlank from all over the world especially from France & England.

Earlier, shopping for French & English antique furniture was too difficult, if you live elsewhere in the world. Now, there are lots of online antique stores where you can see images of antiques & buy antiques online which they sell in their local store.

Buying antiques furniture also has its won disadvantages like images on websites and in brochures do not show up weaknesses and scratches. Images can hide all manner of defects, but the human eye can find them easily!

But sometimes images on websites are really helpful & time saver because, you can easily choose the look you want and select some more antiques. After that when you visit their local store you can just ask for that particular antique, check for any imperfections or flaws & save your time in selecting your antique from hundreds of antiques available there.

If you buy an antique online without proper check and then if a damaged antique is delivered to your doorstep you would be angry and disappointed. So it is highly advised that when you are searching online for a antiques furniture dealer, keep in mind that they have a local store within your reach so you can visit, check & then buy antique furniture.
Anyone looking for French antique furniture in the Chicago area can take advantage of antique dealers like on old plank road. They are selling antiques since 1992 and have stock of around 25,000 antiques and reproductions are constantly changing. They are so popular that Chicago Magazine named oldplank the best antique store in the area.